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Jim Steele


The video examines the in depth scientific flaws and false conclusions within the printed analysis “Wildfire Response to Altering Day by day Temperature Extremes in California’s Sierra Nevada”. Regardless of the unhealthy science a mess of media shops like NY Occasions and CNN falsely promoted the paper as proof that local weather change trigger extra wildfires

A transcript of the video is accessible at and posted beneath.

Jim Steele is Director emeritus of San Francisco State College’s Sierra Nevada Area Campus, authored Landscapes and Cycles: An Environmentalist’s Journey to Local weather Skepticism, and proud member of the CO2 Coalition.


I obtained emails a couple of flawed printed paper on wildfires within the Sierra Nevada that was being over-hyped by the media. Having spent 30 years doing ecological analysis within the Sierra Nevada, I used to be appalled by Gutierrez’s paper blaming summer time temperatures for a rise in wildfires and rashly predicting a 59% improve in burnt areas by 2040. 

I consult with this paper as corrupted science as a result of with the intention to blame a variable like common summer time temperature, it requires controlling for and accounting for,  the opposite identified components that is also inflicting elevated fires.

However the media is raring for clickbait information, and blaming local weather change attracts the anxious public who’re steeped in local weather disaster fears. Wildfires present the right propaganda optics, because the so-called proof that CO2 warming has the world on fireplace. 

So the New York occasions, which way back, deserted good investigative local weather journalism rapidly highlighted Gutierrez paper is including to the physique of labor that local weather change is growing wildfire threat, 

Lesser information shops, and college media, additionally missing journalists educated within the science,  rapidly echoed the New York Occasions.  And to not be outdone by the Occasions, CNN fear-mongered that the burnt space within the Sierra Nevada will improve by as much as 92% by 2040. CNN created that scary quantity by including the 59% to the plus or minus 33% uncertainty issue, however with out ever noting that, in accordance with Gutierrez’s uncertainty, it was equally doable that there would solely be a 26% improve. 

Unhealthy scientific papers, use unhealthy common statistics, and  gutierrez’s paper on wildfires is responsible of utilizing a deceptive common statistic. A mean statistic is simply significant if it measures the variations inside the very same phenomenon. However in case you common totally different phenomenon, like apples and oranges, you get ineffective averages like meaningless imaginary “Orpples”.

The importance of a median can be grossly misrepresented as seen within the graph of common feminine heights all over the world. By solely displaying the distinction within the common heights on the y-axis Latvia girls who common 4 inches taller, seem like giants, whereas girls in India all seem like Lilliputians. 

An correct illustration of the ladies’s variations requires the Y axis embody a full 5 ft, six inches of peak,  to place any variations into the correct context. 

Now, suppose you needed to scientifically decide the impact of diets of assorted wealthy vegetables and fruit and the way it impacts girls’s common peak. Averaging all heights of all girls from beginning to maturity for every nation would offer a nugatory common. The class peak doesn’t imply you’re measuring the identical dynamics. 

Peak must be separated into mature heights and nonetheless actively rising heights. Together with shorter heights earlier than maturity,  corrupts the usefulness of the ensuing averages. 

For instance, in Latvia, zero to 14-year olds comprise simply 15% of the inhabitants. Whereas in India, zero to 14-year olds comprise as much as 31% of India’s inhabitants. That greater proportion of nonetheless rising women would bias India’s common peak a lot decrease.

And likewise, averaging most and minimal temperatures creates a meaningless quantity. The utmost and minimal temperatures are pushed by totally different dynamics and have very totally different results on wildfires. 

Now, right here is why Gutierrez’s evaluation, utilizing the typical summer time temperature, was unhealthy science

In 2014, Rapacciulo printed the distinction between California’s temperatures for every area, evaluating the 1900 to 1939, forty-year common to the 1970 to 2009 common. Surprisingly, the utmost temperatures for 2 thirds of California has considerably cooled.

Of essential significance to fireplace managers is most temperatures, that dry out the bottom fuels and lift the chance of wildfires.

In distinction, the typical minimal temperatures have warmed throughout 99% of California. This stark distinction is because of the totally different dynamics affecting the 2 measurements. Maximums measured the extent of daytime heating versus minimums that measured the extent of nighttime cooling .

Fireplace consultants don’t use minimal temperatures when issuing pink flag warnings, as a result of even when there’s a rise within the minimal temperature, the temperatures should be beneath the dew level, which causes water vapor to condense, and moisten the bottom fuels.

This dynamic is firmly etched in my thoughts from doing analysis within the Sierra Nevada Meadows for 25 years, I used to be within the subject at dawn and my pants could be soaking moist through the time of minimal temperatures,  and solely dried out as temperatures heated in the direction of the utmost. 

However by averaging the utmost plus the minimal collectively, it falsely seems that the majority of California is warming. Through the use of that “orpple-like” common temperature Gutierrez argued that local weather warming was drying out the hearth fuels and elevating fireplace threat. Though the typical was pushed by minimal temperatures, they have been probably moistening the  floor fuels every morning. 

Now different scientists have printed on the totally different temperature dynamics of most and minimal temperatures. Thomas Karl, previous director of Noah’s Middle for Environmental Info, printed a paper in 1988, exhibiting how most and minimal temperatures react very in a different way to rising populations 

Relative to climate stations positioned in rural areas with populations beneath 2000 individuals, stations in areas of rising populations steadily elevated their common annual temperature by as much as 2.5 levels Celsius as populations grew to 10 million individuals.

Nonetheless, the utmost temperatures decreased as populations greew, whereas minimal temperatures dramatically elevated by 5.1 levels Celsius. Averaging hides these impactful contrasting dynamics. 

Tis is only one purpose why when evaluating any modifications in California, the impact of its dramatically rising inhabitants have to be thought of


California’s state climatologist, James Goodridge, additionally acknowledged the inhabitants results. He measured temperatures in counties with over 1 million individuals, with counties beneath 100 thousand,  and counties in between. 

Th extremely populated counties confirmed a warming pattern, much like what’s anticipated from CO2 warming theories, however extra rural nation counties with populations, lower than 100 thousand individuals exhibited no vital warming pattern. As a substitute, temperatures oscillated as could be anticipated from the consequences of El Ninos within the Pacific decadal oscillation.

Now, regardless of climate stations close to the ignition websites of main California fires that confirmed cooling most temperature developments since Nineteen Thirties, Gutierrez argued the typical warming pattern was “growing fireplace threat by drying fuels and making them extra flammable and susceptible to ignition”.  Gutierrez merely didn’t do her homework 

Most temperatures from Ukiah, close to the ignition website of California’s third largest wildfire, the Mendocino advanced fireplace, had been cooling for the reason that Twenties. Nonetheless she argued when a rancher’s spike struck a rock inflicting a spark that ignited surrounding grasses, the grasses had been readily ignited because of the common warming pattern. 

She additionally appears unaware of the truth that ALL fireplace consultants classify useless grasses as one- hour lag fuels which means grasses turn out to be extremely flammable in only one hour on a typical heat dry summer time California day. Any local weather pattern warming or cooling, is irrelevant.

Within the Sierra Nevada, Yosemite reveals the same most temperature cooling pattern, the place California’s seventh largest fireplace, the Rimm fireplace, was ignited. It was ignited by an escaped campfire close to Yosemite 

Neither is there any assist for utilizing common summer time temperatures within the standards for pink flag warnings issued by the Nationwide Climate Service. 

The first standards are 

1) relative humidity of 15% are decrease and winds gusting to 25 miles per hour. And 

2) extensively scattered thunder showers 

The contributing components to these major standards are 

greater than regular, most temperatures, 

Thunderstorms producing lightning that naturally ignite fires; and chilly fronts that usually promote thunderstorms in excessive winds.

Low humidity is a operate of drought, often related to La Nina

Droughts additionally trigger low gas moisture, in addition to minimizing obtainable moisture to condense into dew through the nighttime that may assist suppress fireplace exercise. 

And at last, they take a look at the Power Launch Part, which refers back to the quantity of flammable fuels within the area that usually accumulate on account of fireplace suppression, 

Low humidity is the first threat issue, which is why the Western USA experiences extra fires than the east,  just because the west is of course drier 

Through the winter, a lot of the west and the east expertise excessive relative humidity represented by the darkish inexperienced. The chilly air is holding as a lot water vapor as doable. So the ambiance generates no drying impact.

Because the summer time approaches, temperatures heat throughout the nation, so the air can maintain far more water, however the transport of water from the ocean to the land differs throughout the nation.

The Atlantic strain system pumps virtually sufficient moisture into the japanese USA to maximise the quantity of moisture the hotter air can maintain, and sustaining a reasonably excessive stage of relative humidity plus no drying impact.

However the Pacific strain system blocks a lot of the transportation of moisture. So the area’s warming air now receives a lot much less moisture than it could possibly maintain, decreasing relative humidity and exerting a robust drying impact; and that is illustrated by the brown and yellow colours. The decrease the relative humidity, the upper the hearth threat.

Now we are able to see this dynamic as native climate stations within the west at Yosemite nationwide park as summer time. Temperatures rise as the quantity of moisture reaching Yosemite drops, creating the summer time drought and the dry fireplace climate.

Within the east at Shenandoah nationwide park, the summer time temperature equally rises, however the quantity of moisture additionally rises creating greater relative humidity and fewer of a drying impact and thus reduces fireplace threat within the east.Now the transport of moisture to the Western USA is modulated strongly by El Nino and La Nina cycles and the Pacific Decadal oscillation between 1980 and 1999. The Pacific decadal oscillation was largely within the constructive section, selling extra El Ninos in a hotter, hotter wetter, California. After 1999, the Pacific decatal oscillation swap into the adverse section, selling extra Latinas in a stronger blocking excessive strain system inflicting drier situations which might be extra conducive to larger fires.

However Gutierrez didn’t account for this pure impact, 

Gutierrez’s ends in Desk 2 present the crux of her argument. Common summer time temperatures within the Sierra Nevada are modeled and primarily based on rising CO2. The mannequin predicts temperatures will steadily rise each decade. I’ve added just a few Fahrenheit temperatures in blue for individuals who are extra aware of that scale. Accordingly her mannequin urged the variety of fires will improve in lockstep with mannequin temperatures.

However in actuality, the variety of noticed fires has assorted lowering within the Nineties, rising within the t200, and once more, lowering from 2011 to 2020.

Equally, modeled outcomes for the extent of burnt space rises in lockstep with mannequin temperatures. However in actuality, there was no change through the Nineteen Eighties and Nineties, then there was a big bounce in burnt space from 2000 to 2020.

And that improve is because of the drying impact that one would anticipate from the swap to the adverse Pacific Decadal Oscillation. There are lots of components apart from summer time temperature that have an effect on the variety of fires and the extent of burnt space.

Legitimate science requires components have to be accounted for and eliminated earlier than analyzing any correlation with summer time temperatures. Not doing so, corrupts the scientific technique.

Nonetheless, it does enable becoming modeled outcomes to a local weather change narrative. 

Now good science calls for of analysis, and should additionally account for modifications in human brought about ignitions earlier than correlating summer time temperatures with the rise ignitions.

However once more, Gutierrez failed to take action. Now lightning causes the vast majority of fires at excessive elevations within the Sierra Nevada, regardless of temperatures between 20,000 and 50,000 levels Celsius. Lightning hardly ever ignites struck bushes, although it could possibly break up the tree trunks. Lightning scars are sometimes seen on dwelling bushes within the Sierra.Nevada 

Lightning usually begins a fireplace by igniting dry floor fuels on the backside of the tree is lightening passes to the bottom.

Now research reminiscent of Balch 2017 present that through the peak lightening season from June to September human ignitions nonetheless account for a better proportion of wildfire ignitions. The 600 to 800 diploma warmth from a single match additionally supplies sufficient warmth to ignite advantageous fuels, even when advantageous fuels are solely partially dried. Balch’s knowledge additionally contradicts Gutierrez’s narrative that heat summers are required for extra ignitions.

The best variety of fires are ignited by people through the cooler months within the Sierra Nevada, reminiscent of round lake Tahoe, March temperatures are seven levels Celsius cooler than goodie heiresses, common summer time temperature.

Moreover, there’s no obvious local weather change pattern in pure lightning strikes and that is seen within the medium blue knowledge collection right here 

 Now elevated human ignitions are one other affect of California’s rising inhabitants. As individuals more and more moved into the Wildlands, {the electrical} grid follows and the unintended sparking will increase.

 The deadliest California fireplace, the Camp fireplace, and the second largest 2021 Dixie fireplace have been each ignited by {an electrical} spark 

Extra individuals promotes extra tenting within the lovely Sierra Nevada, however ends in extra escaped campfires. California’s seventh largest fireplace, the Rimm fireplace ,was ignited by an escaped campfire. 

And humanity at all times has a small proportion of unhealthy individuals. So a rising inhabitants generates extra unhealthy individuals. Gary Maynard, a professor, was simply arrested for lighting 4 fires, including to the Dixie fireplace. Fireplace officers estimate that 20% of all California fires are lit by arsons. 

Now Gutierrez additionally didn’t account for different purposefully human ignited fires, and the way they’ve contributed to the modifications within the extent of burnt areas.

To reverse the issues attributable to fireplace suppression, Sequoia Nationwide Park, and Yosemite  started igniting prescribed burns by 1970. Nonetheless, these prescribed burns wouldn’t add to the pattern of elevated burned areas. Out of worry of decreasing Nationwide Forest timber harvest, the Nationwide Forest managers extra slowly adopted prescribed burns. Sequoia, Stanislaus, Sierra Inyo, and Plumas nationwide forest solely started igniting prescribed burns over the last 20 years. And that may certainly add to the noticed pattern of elevated burnt areas. 

What’s tougher to measure is the 1970 swap from fireplace suppression to a “Let it Burn” coverage, that additionally elevated the burnt space relative to the mid twentieth century. Now calling their coverage “Let it Burn urged to close by communities ,that their fireplace managers weren’t doing their jobs. So it’s now known as Wildfire For Useful resource Advantages or WFRB.

The coverage is proscribed.

Any unnaturally ignited fires have been nonetheless required to be instantly put out. Equally WFRB insurance policies couldn’t let pure fires burn, wherever human populations have been threatened. The greenish coloured areas are the place WFRB Let it Burn insurance policies may be enacted. And people areas are unpopulated areas, largely within the Sierra Nevada. 

Lastly, fireplace suppression initiated a long time in the past set the stage for bigger and extra intense fires at the moment.

Fireplace suppression allowed floor fuels to build up which extra readily carries fires throughout the land. Moreover, fireplace suppression permits extra ladder fuels, comprised of bigger shrubs and youthful bushes to build up. Ladder fuels carry fuels from the bottom into the forest cover. And cover fires create extra embers which might be carried by the winds. Firefighters had nice bother containing the massive 2021 Dixie fireplace as a result of the burning embers would journey previous their fireplace strains and begin spot fires as much as 4 miles away.

So I counsel everybody to disregard Gutierrez’s and the media’s alarmism. 

The common temperature they used was a foul statistic. 

Extra fires may be ignited even in cooler temperatures. 

We are able to cut back fires ignited by electrical ignitions. 

We are able to cut back burnt space extent with higher gas administration. 

And we are able to solely settle for that pure Le Ninos and La Ninas and the Pacific Decadal Oscillation, all management the humidity extremes that result in fires, 

However we are able to adapt 

And pure wildfires may be useful when intelligently managed 

Up subsequent, perhaps: An evaluation of doubtful local weather change attribution’s of floods and droughts.

And till then, as at all times embraced famend scientists, Thomas Hartley’s recommendation that skepticism is our highest of duties and blind religion, the one unpardonable sin. 

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