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I acquired to messing about with the MODTRAN Infrared Gentle In The Ambiance mannequin. From the Assist file.

Determine 1. Description of the MODTRAN mannequin.

I used to be within the mannequin as a result of I needed to see the distinction between how a lot power escapes from the floor to outer area on the equatorial areas versus the polar areas. So in my regular demented model, I wrote a program that downloads the outcomes of a MODTRAN run so I can analyze them.

What I discovered was that in clear-sky circumstances, subarctic summer time, about 70% of the upwelling floor radiation makes it to area. And in clear-sky circumstances, subarctic winter, about 81% makes it out. Lastly, within the tropics, clear-sky, solely about 65% of the upwelling floor radiation makes it to area.

This happens for a few causes. First, at chilly temperatures, extra of the power is in frequencies much less absorbed by CO2. And second, the poles are a lot drier than the tropics, and water is the most important greenhouse gasoline.

Determine 2. Water content material by latitude.

Having seen the MODTRAN outcomes, I took a glance to see how the MODTRAN numbers agree with the CERES knowledge. Right here’s the CERES view of how a lot of the clear-sky upwelling floor radiation makes it to area.

Determine 3. World view, proportion of the upwelling radiation going to area. Clear skies solely.

This reveals the tropics as dropping 63.7% of the upwelling longwave floor radiation to area. MODTRAN stated 65% … shut sufficient.

For the summer time and winter subarctic, the subarctic is usually taken as the realm from 50°-70° north latitude. To look at this, I took the summer time and winter upwelling longwave percentages by latitude. Determine 4 reveals that graph.

Determine 4. Proportion to area of CERES upwelling floor longwave (LW) by latitude and season, and MODTRAN summer time and winter SubArctic LW proportion to area. Clear skies solely.

Once more there may be glorious settlement between MODTRAN and CERES. And as you’ll be able to see, there’s a massive distinction within the quantity of escaping LW within the tropics and in direction of the poles. Values are larger on the South Pole as a result of the South Polar Plateau is kind of elevated and very dry, and thus is above a lot of the greenhouse gases.

So why is all this vital? That brings us again to the title of this put up, “Advection”. Versus convection, which is a motion of power in a vertical path, advection is the horizontal motion of power. And it’s a enormous motion. Right here’s the place the power is shifting from and to—it’s going from the tropics to the poles.

Determine 5. CERES common advection. Constructive areas are advecting power to the unfavorable areas.

And that is vital as a result of the power is shifting from the placement the place much less of it escapes to area, to the areas the place extra of it escapes to area.

Subsequent, I took a take a look at the change within the complete quantity of power advected over time. Determine 6 reveals that end result.

Determine 6. Improve within the complete movement of power advected (petawatts)

So … how a lot further power escapes to area from this enhance in advection from the equator to the polar areas? To calculate that, we take the rise in petawatts, multiply it by the typical enhance in longwave escape within the polar areas over the escape within the tropics, and divide it by the floor space of the earth … which provides a results of a rise in top-of-atmosphere upwelling longwave radiation of 0.6 watts per sq. meter (W/m2).

And the way does this enhance in escaping longwave evaluate to different power flows? Properly, any enhance in CO2 causes a corresponding lower in longwave escaping on the high of the ambiance. How a lot of a lower? Assuming that the IPCC is right in its estimate {that a} doubling of CO2 reduces top-of-atmosphere longwave by 3.7 watts per sq. meter (W/m2), the change over the 2000-2021 interval proven above is … look forward to it … a lower of 0.6 W/m2.

So over this era no less than, the discount of 0.6 W/m2 in top-of-atmosphere upwelling longwave as a result of CO2 is strictly counterbalanced by the rise of 0.6 W/m2 in top-of-atmosphere upwelling longwave as a result of elevated advection.

Is that this coincidental? It’s fairly attainable that it’s. But when so, it’s an fascinating coincidence …

And whether or not it’s a coincidence or not, it goes to point out that the usual CO2 concept of floor heating is oversimplified.

That concept says that if CO2 cuts down the quantity of upwelling longwave headed out to area, the floor temperature perforce should enhance to revive the highest of ambiance steadiness between incoming and outgoing radiation. Or to be extra particular, the speculation says that:

    • The quantity of atmospheric CO2 is growing.

    • This absorbs extra upwelling longwave radiation, which ends up in unbalanced radiation on the high of the ambiance (TOA). That is the TOA steadiness between incoming daylight (after some is mirrored again to area) and outgoing longwave radiation from the floor and the ambiance.

    • In an effort to restore the steadiness in order that incoming radiation equals outbound radiation, the floor perforce should, has to, is required to heat up till there’s sufficient extra upwelling longwave to revive the steadiness.

However this evaluation reveals that, as I mentioned in my put up “Unbalanced At The High“, there are extra methods to revive the steadiness than a floor temperature enhance … and thus, the standard CO2 concept is falsified.

My greatest New Yr needs to all,


PS—For these , the opposite methods of re-establishing the TOA steadiness embody:

    • Elevated cloud or floor reflections can scale back the quantity of incoming daylight.

    • Elevated absorption of daylight by the atmospheric aerosols and clouds can result in better upwelling longwave.

    • Will increase within the quantity or period of thunderstorms transfer extra floor warmth into the troposphere, shifting it above among the greenhouse gases, and resulting in elevated upwelling longwave.

    • A change within the fraction of atmospheric radiation going upwards vs. downwards can result in elevated upwelling radiation.

MY USUAL—I select my very own phrases rigorously, and I’m completely satisfied to defend them. Nevertheless, I can’t defend your interpretation of my phrases. So while you remark, please quote the precise phrases that you’re discussing, so we will all be clear in your subject.

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