Meet Georgian 18-year-old Otar Demurishvili

The big story about Otar Demurishvili, he is from Georgia and he has big goals to change his life. He was still young when he decided to become a successful businessman. Otar Demurishvili was born on August 31, 2003. He is now a crypto trader and is good at YouTube. He has several great YouTube channels. a businessman who has a business partner Davit Tskitishvili. He is trying to develop his knowledge in the business space. He has worked on various projects such as Social Network Marketing etc.

With a few months of experience, Otar Demurishvili earned the trust of others. As a sales manager, he’s mainly worked for YouTube channels and crypto trades. He has maintained a strong record in recruitment, training, and motivating staff to achieve sales and business objectives throughout his career. he was responsible for learning how to manage his time which was not easy. he was trying to get a lot of information.
Otar is now a student studying business organization and management since 2021.

Otar Demurishvili is working to refine his vision for the business to develop his future. He wants to go to America and continue his future business to achieve all the success he wants! Otar enjoys meeting new people and learning about their lives and backgrounds. He easily finds common interests with strangers and tends to make most people feel comfortable. He finds this skill especially advantageous when kicking off projects with new clients.

Otar Demurishvili says:

I have learned and collected a lot of memories as a student, I was a shy and quiet person but the more I’ve been doing small business and reading books the more I get used to it. I don’t have enough time to play with my friends, I am focused on my goals and all of my goals are very important to me! I can not give up, I have no way to go back! I am trying my best to become successful. I am sure I will be! right now I am good at Crypto trading and YouTube channels. you will see a few pieces of information about my knowledge

It’s not easy to trade, I’ve been trying to learn for a long time. I’ve lost over in trades, all of my old traders were bad. it’s very hard to control yourself when you’re losing funds. your goal is to make a profit, but you can not make it because of not having enough information. It was very hard for me, after losing my funds, I finally found the correct key to the trade! beautiful to trade without losing your funds. My favorite Crypto trader is Crypto Face, that’s why I’m here today! I am still learning to get more knowledge! I just believe in helping people because, in the end, a good heart always wins.

  1. I know how to control my feelings
  2. I know how to trade correctly
  3. I know how to handle my trade
  4. I know what do I have to do before the trade
  5. I know how to make good crypto analytics

YouTube is my favorite place, I was trying to learn how to use & create videos, etc. Nowadays I have several YouTube channels and I’m very happy! I am going to become YouTuber. Not sure when, but I know I will be a good one! It was not easy to start, at the start I had many failures. They’re my friends because I know I wouldn’t be here without them! it was very funny at the start, I had no idea what I was doing!

In 2022, it’s not hard to be successful! all you need is to be sure of what you want. it was very hard to get the correct decision about my future! I have learned and collected a lot of memories as a student, I was a shy and quiet person but the more I’ve been doing small business and reading books the more I get used to it.

His favorite books are:

  • Rich dad poor dad
  • Rework
  • Thinking, fast and slow.
  • How to win friends & influence people

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